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First of all you must be wondering about our website’s name “IndiaBodhi.in” right? Well, India stands for India, and Bodhi refers to Buddhism which means enlightenment and be aware of something. That’s what we are offering here! Education options enlightenment for students in India to simplify their search and help them take a wise decision for their studies.

As a student we all need to make decisions and making the right education decision is the first step towards shaping your career. Researching for different education systems and career options can be difficult and time consuming. Besides education related information is always changing due to addition of new courses and syllabus which can be difficult to asses to suit your strength. For example after completing your bachelor’s degree, you may think that should I opt for MBA or MCA or any other diploma program that helps in finding better jobs opportunities. Similarly students also get confused in options for studying in India or abroad. Figuring out these challenging questions is only couple of steps because there will be more questions such as which are the best overseas universities for particular course, how do I go through the process of getting admission in these colleges and then how to get student visa and arrange accommodation there….all these questions are difficult for any student.

At IndiaBodhi.in we are providing a solution to difficult problems of students in India, such as finding the best college, which are the best universities, options for studying abroad and how to plan their education for a successful career. Our education counseling experts find the most in-depth and comprehensive resources of information. On our website you can search through over 62,000 colleges, institutes, courses universities and scholarships.

Please feel free to visit our contact page if you want to reach out to us. We thank you for taking time and visiting our website.

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