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career after 12th

How to choose a right career after 12th? How to stand out in the crowd with the chosen field? These are imperative questions that every student has to come across in his or her when they pass their 12th class. Building a strong and full fledge career, is a crucial step that can either take you to the edge of success or can drop you back! Many experts believes, that aspirants who seek advice during this fundamental stage, stays ahead of those who try to take U-turn once they have followed a certain pathway, which wasn’t chosen by pragmatically. Consequently, failure in skills adaptation, lack of interest and slow progress may force them to regret with the choice made previously. This clearly reveals the vitality of choosing a right career or profession.

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There are various factors that defines suitability of a particular profession. Remember, choosing a right career doesn’t mean to merely look at the income side of a profession. Keeping in mind that you are going to spend whole life with the chosen field, is advisable. Jot down things that you like the most and try to make your hobby, a profession. Besides this, work profile and other details must be analyzed before deciding on top most popular careers options for science, arts, commerce students. Expand your imagination and add a prefix of ‘retired’. Now conceptualize what you want to hear ‘years’ later from now, what lifestyle you would like to spend and which profile impresses you as an individual. If you still can’t decide on choosing a right career. Take these simple steps to get more clarification.

Choose A Career As Per Your Interest
‘Interest’ is one of the vital aspects of choosing a right career. Students may not literally do best in their chosen field because they never had interest and made a choice because of parental pressure. If you follow this trend, you will probably lose an option that you love or can do your whole life with great enthusiasm. Ask yourself few simple questions, “what I would do if I don’t want to work?”. “Do I cook good food?”, “Can I just sing, dance or write poems or songs as my favorite pass time?” “Do I love traveling?” “Can I spend my whole life working for others?” “Is making beautiful designs is my hobby?” Or “Do I spend time repairing broken stuff back home?”.

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If you can answer these questions, you are a step ahead in choosing right career after 12th. Because hobby- turned careers are more fruitful, than blindly following the crowd. If you can sing, you can become a singer after 12th or can choose any relative field in film industry. If you love to write, you can pursue journalism or can start online blogging which is a booming segments these days. If you love to eat and explore food, you can be a chef in leading hotels, can open your own restaurant or can get into food photography. Similarly, if you love to work for others, you can pursue studies in Sociology, Social science and other related subjects and can work for NGOs and social welfare organizations.

Engineering can be your field, if you are fond of repairing broken things or is inclined towards latest software, testing models and apps. If designing is your hobby then, becoming a graphic designer or 3D designer can bring success in your life. And lastly, if you believe that fashion and colors can keep you alive then choosing career as makeup artist, fashion designer, tattoo artist, fashion stylist etc can take you up to the ladder of success.

Find Right Courses After 12th
When you have identified your interest area, you can probably begin with finding right courses after 12th to start your career. Planning is imperative to experience success in any chosen field. Incalculating interest streams before 12th exams is advisable so that you can get good guidance before you reach the point when you have to make right career choice. Do initial research on finding right courses after 12th. This will enable you to begin with a sturdy foundation. Focusing on courses relevant to your field is important to get more weightage on resume. Remember, education and specialization must be continued to stay ahead of the competition. Take help from experienced people. Search and compare courses of various colleges to choose right course. You can also check Courses after 12th to know more about the same.

Skills That Compliment Career After 12th
Just following your interest and finding relevant courses to do after 12th, will not make any big difference in you career unless, you do analysis of skills required in particular field. Those who work on improving skills stays ahead of the competition and captivates many lucrative jobs. For example, an aspirant want to build a career in banking sector but is weak in mathematics and reasoning, don’t even practice exam pattern then, cracking competitive bank exam will only remain a dream for him. He may remain deprive of abundant opportunities to work for prestigious organizations.

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Clearly, before beginning with the chosen field, it is essential to either choose career as per skills that goes with job profile or work hard to develop skills to compliment your career after 12th. Take another example, if you genuinely wish to work for people during their illness, this mean you want to get into medical science. Mere this ‘feel’; however, will not enable you to establish a career in medical field. Instead, you have to study, practice, and implement knowledge and understanding of medicine, human body and biology. In other words, devoting time and energy on developing important skill set is the third step to choose right career.

Cost To Build A Career in Science, Art or Commerce field
Analysis of cost inclusion to build a career, is significant to ensure continuity of the chosen field. Asking several questions to yourself will give you clarity. These questions are, Who will be sponsoring my education? What course I should choose after 12th which is both affordable and appropriate for my career?, If taking education loan from bank will be helpful? Will my career will provide financial security to repay debts? What are the financial schemes available for students to pursue education? If you get answer of aforementioned questions you are one more step closer to systematically move towards right career path while clarifying your doubts. Given below are few more tips to choose right career after 12th. Read on.

Important Tips To Choose The Right Career
Environmental influence plays a major role in affecting an aspirant’s point of view to choose right a career after 12th. From parent’s expectations to own desires, guidance from academicians, to following sibling’s pathway; an aspirant usually decide upon his career by getting influenced based on many factors. What are these factors? Let us get familiar with them.

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Peer Pressure
Research shows that aims and aspiration of a teenager hugely fluctuates and shapes according to the kind peer group he or she follows. Friend’s career decision is one of the prime influence factor that can affect your career choice as well. This however, doesn’t implies on those having specific career aims and are under guidance of someone who can direct certain career objectives.
Tip: Identify your interest and skills, then let career aims of specific peer group to inspire you. Because blindly following a thought pattern can either deprive you to the wrong pathway, or may leave you demotivated due to lack of skills.

Parents’ dreams
Parent’s past experiences ultimately drive them to impose ‘previously acquired ideologies’ on their children. It is true parents are right guide source but sometimes in the realm of accomplishing their own achievements through their children, they end up making a forceful influence.
Tip: Don’t let your parent’s aspiration harm your own will; however, you can plan to opt a median pathway to fulfill your parent’s as well as yours aims and career goals after discussing aforementioned factors with them.

Social Value of the Job
Accruing a job that gives social value is one of the common aspiration among peers. Though it doesn’t mean choosing other jobs is not good. Today, there are many job avenues available for candidates who unfortunately don’t get selected in competitive exams. So don’t criticize any situation instead, focus on jobs that gives future stability.
Tip: Focus on next generation jobs and prepare yourself for next five to ten years from now. This way you will be able to choose right career after 12th which will promise future growth and stability.

Action Plan To Choose The Right Career:
Create a career list: take a sheet to write down your likes and dislikes. Include your favorite subjects, hobbies, and stream you would like to pursue. Also jot down areas which you don’t like. Now take 10 best career options that you can pursue after 12th and then do a comprehensive analysis.

Career Analysis: once you have chosen few fields, now its time to choose important details such as starting salary, minimum qualification, skills required, potential dangers and future growth prospects.

Making right career choices: out of list of 10 best career after 12th which you may consider, obviously you need to make a single choice. So this time be practical and careful to decide on best 3 options to finalize one career that you can pursue for long term.

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Get familiar with work profile: before you make a choice, take a look! Try to spend time with person who is in the similar field that you have selected for yourself. Ask about work hours, future in specific field within up coming five to ten years, competition, job responsibilities etc. This will enable you to do brief analysis to make a right choice of career after your 12th standard.

Career Advice: Choose a career that will bring work satisfaction, future stability, and growth. Never hesitate in pursuing your hobby as a profession. But make practical choices. Remember, your work will consume most part of your life. Thus, it is important to pursue your interest while keeping career aspiration in mind. Lastly, choosing a career after 12th is completely your choice, you must take advice but should not blindly follow it. Do research, take actual proof in account, and opt a career that assure future stability and monetary gains. After all it’s your hard work and dedication that will outshine you as a professional!

The author of this article is Niranjali. She has a Master of Sociology and a Bachelor in Child Psychology. She has a writing background in broadcast media and has organized events for digital marketing agencies. She has also conducted several educational, personality development, and craft workshops.

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  1. Your advice is really very practical.I am writing this on behalf of my daughter who is confused as to what her career options would be if she takes biology sociology and psychology in A level igcse in india and wants to skip chemistry and physics.She is very interested in English and got an award in her previous school as the most helpful kid in her 11 std(CBSE) .she is re doing her 11 std in a different school (now in igcse).she is very good in drawing and music too(Carnatic and western). can you please help us ?!

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