Courses To Do After 12th Science

career courses after 12th scienceOne of the imperative stages of an adolescent’s life is school. After school, threshold is passed into the practical world where building a successful career becomes prime motive to face upcoming challenges of the life. While transforming himself/herself from changing phases of adulthood, an adolescent has to select correct career path to foresee opportunities that can bring success and monetary gain for future stability. Planning and implementation are crucial steps to grab aplenty career opportunities after 12th science. Many aspirants may seek career counseling immediately after school that help them to choose between their interest area and ever growing hot career options after school. Factors like area of interest, job scope, future stability, economic gains, consistency, growth of particular sector etc must be articulated before deciding career stream after school. If we talk about courses to do after 12th science specifically, then Engineering, MBBS are always two top choices among both parents and students.

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Contrary to this, educationist and many experts believe that students must seek dissimilar career opportunities to rise above common choices. Previously, science students were following the same pattern however, advancement in information technology and globalization has opened multiple career options nowadays. Here in this article we will assist you with relevant information related to science stream careers. We recommend you to go through all given below options and take career guidance from teachers, parents and educators, who have sound knowledge and can clarify your doubts related to any specific field. It is significant to know that there is no scarcity of career options, all you need to do is to choose correct path that you can follow life long. Here is the well researched list of top courses to do after 12th science. Have a look.

Bachelor In Information Technology, B.Tech/BE: we will begin with the most common choice made by aspirants which is Bachelors of technology or Bachelor of Electronics. Known as Engineering stream this is one of the most sought after field for those who are dedicated to study for at least four years after school. Science aspirants with minimum 50 percentile or above can seek admission in this lucrative career option. There are many institutes under Government and private authorities that conduct courses. These are considered as undergraduate courses and for admission aspirants need to pass Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry at HSC level. Every year, colleges conduct Entrance exam to get admission in engineering in India. Intake of eligible candidates and other requirements vary from institute to institute. That is the reason collecting all necessary information about engineering courses after 12th science is imperative to get ahead of competition and reserve your seat in good college.

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Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery, MBBS: students with Biology in 12th standard often pursue career as MBBS doctor. It can be considered as one of the most common career option for those with biology as core subject in science stream. After pursuing MBBS prospective candidates can seek career as Allopathic doctor in prestigious hospitals, clinical settings or can organize their own medical setting if there is no lack of funding. To extent career scope, specialization can be done in Psychiatry, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery. AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMT are popular medical entrance exams according to which aspirants are located to study and pursue MBBS. So if you are passionate about medical stream and can work hard to beat competition then you can choose MBBS course after 12th science and can open gateway for extremely fruitful career opportunity not only in India but also in abroad.

Bachelor Of Science Nursing, Nursing : another medical course after 12th science which aspirants can take with biology as core subject is Nursing. Those having multi-tasking abilities, patience to handle crucial conditions but aren’t willing to pursue extensive six to seven years medical studies can seek career as nurse by taking admission in B.sce Nursing as the course duration and difficulty level is less then MBBS course. Various aspects of nursing including practical and theoretical modules can be learned by taking nursing program. However, prospective nurses are required to pass entrance exam for admission to Nursing courses at various localities. Our recommendation is, that you should always check affiliation of diploma or degree courses to become certified nurse.

Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine and Science, BAMS: Apart from allopathy, there is boom in Ayurvedic Medical segment. Recently, people have become more familiar with ayurvedic medicine and thus seeking professionals to assist them to resolve health problems. This leads to the demand of Ayurvedic medical doctors and certainly means that if aspirants take Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine program (BAMS) course after 12th science or do specialization along with it, can attract rewarding career ahead. Practicing ayurvedic medicine science along with science and biology knowledge can open career as doctor, health counselor, researcher etc. Prospective candidates require obtaining 50% or more as aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Biology subjects to take admission in BAMS conducted by different colleges and institutes across India.

Bachelor Of Science, B.Sc (Hons): Besides aforementioned courses after 12th science, (hons) is another lucrative option that captivates attention of many aspirants interested in core academics studies. Subjects like Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics can be pursued at master level after (hons). Career as junior research fellow can grant good opportunities along with financial stability. Many proficient aspirants in fact become lecturer in university or conduct educational programs while working in collaboration with reputed organizations. This eventually expand career graph and those with master degree can establish enormous career without any constrain. To take admission in Bachelor of Science hons, at least 60% in 12 grade is required though competition level may differ for various streams in Hons.

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Bachelor Of Pharmaceutical, B.Pharma: To enter in pharmaceutical industry, and become a part of one of the emerging sectors in India and abroad, aspirants can pursue bachelor of pharmaceutical which is also known as B.pharma. Completion of B.pharma course after 12th science will allow aspirants to grab magnificent career opportunities in medical industry. They can pursue career as as health inspector in food factories, drug technician and pharmacist in reputed hospitals and clinical settings and drug inspector in prestigious medicine manufacturing companies. Career as pharmacy with Chemistry is possible if prospective candidate has Mathematics or Biology as main subjects in 10+2 level. Again entrance is conducted to take eligible candidates to the course.


Bachelor Pf Science Anthropology, B.Sc Anthropology: Anthropology career in India is rising at great pace. Socio-cultural development of human beings is one of the main areas of study for those interested in taking courses in anthropology. Evolution of human rights from origin, biological traces, urban planning, culture resource management, research on curator etc are core subject including in Anthropology along with extensive study of various other subjects. Biology in 10+2 level is mandatory to pursue career as anthropologist. It is important to note that almost all medical colleges and institutes holds entrance examination to check eligibility and knowledge of candidate to pursue certain courses.

B.Sc Occupational Therapy, (BOT): if above mentioned career options still don’t impress you then seeking career as Occupational Therapist after 12th science if you previously had PCB that is Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects at 10+2 level. BOT course is very responsible career choice as it will enable you to work for patients suffering from Neurological and Orthopedic disorders. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT) can be earned by enrolling in private as well as government colleges however, affiliation must be checked before enrollment. Also, it is highly recommended to go through course duration, fee structure and take certain guidance on jobs after in Occupational therapy. This will give a brief outlook whether this field is suitable for you or not.

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Bachelor Of Physiotherapy (B.P.T): B.Sc Physiotherapy is another educational area that allow aspirants to work along with municipal corporations, rehabilitation departments and other private and government bodies. This is one of worthwhile course 12th science for prospective candidates with more than fifty percentage can seek admission in BPT course. However,  studying Biology, English, Physics, Chemistry as their core subject in 10+2 level is compulsory. The scope of career as physiotherapist is vast as more and more people are suffering from various lifestyle health issues and thus seeking professional treatment. So if you are searching for safe and stable career option in medical field then, obtaining Bachelor of Physiotherapy is the right choice.

Bachelor Of Architecture, B.Arch: if you wish to pursue career in non medical field and have strong ability to imagine and draw then obtaining degree in B.Arch after 12th science is the most relevant career option available for you. Career as Architecture is gaining huge popularity as both private and government authorities are working towards transformation of city’s outlook. Equipping skills in architecture by going through extensive 5 years undergraduate course enable aspirants to work with multinational firms at national or international level. To take admission in B.Arch, PCM that is Physics, Chemistry and Maths must be studies compulsory subjects. Aspirants also require passing entrance exam to get admitted to bachelor or masters program. However, to pursue masters, going through undergraduate program and obtaining certain percentile is imperative. JEE Main (AIEEE) and NATA which is known as National Aptitude Test Architecture are two important examinations to take admission in B.arch courses.

Bachelor Of Science Zoology, B.Sc Zoology: career as Zoologist after 12th science is might not a popular option among many students but this doesn’t take away from the fact that Zoology branch of biology serve good career prospects to those who are willing to study evolution of animals and want to participate in research work associated with it. Zoology branch focuses on structure and behavior of animals. After pursuing Zoology candidates can take research oriented programs and can obtain exciting jobs as Zoologist in leading channels such as Discovery, National Geography etc. Candidates with more than 50% marks in science with Biology can seek admission in prestigious colleges. Obtaining specializing in field like Fisheries Science, Coastal Ecosystems Ecology and Management, Terrestrial and Marine Conservation Biology, Ecosystem Analysis, and Numerical Modelling, Marine Biology, or pursuing in Zoology further serve multiple career options. So if you want to do something different then choosing Zoology courses after 12th science can suit your interest.

Biochemistry: if you wish to study biology in an innovative way or if you had inclination towards chemistry during 10+2 and you now would like to pursue biology in a more dynamic way then going for Bachelor in Biochemistry courses after 12th science can be your choice. This discipline embraces the study of chemistry and biology altogether and the curriculum are at forefront of many options such as plants free of disease, animals structure, human beings etc. Again, entrance is conducted to take eligible candidates in Bachelor of Biochemistry and candidates with chemistry and biology could only seek admission to make vibrant career in medical field after studying biochemistry at graduate level.

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Botany: Botany is the right course after 12th science for aspirants having immense interest towards environment, plants and microbiology. This is the booming sectors and the fact that demand of ecologist and environmentalist have increased at tremendous extent in the recent years, further demonstrate profitable scope by pursuing Botany course after 12th science. Doing bachelor of botany can enable aspirants to adhere skills and know what and how of plants while obtaining master level degree in Microbiology further open remarkable career option in abroad. Aspirants can go for Doctorate programs to become botany lecturer in colleges or can take research assignments where innovation is the key to success. Physic, Chemistry and biology are three main subjects needed to be studied both at 10+2 and graduate level in order to understand and adhere expertise in Botany.

courses-after-12th-scienceB.Sc Microbiology: Bachelors of Science in Microbiology can take aspirants to the advance level of research and fellowship programs. Revolutionized by innovative technologies such as bioinformatics, genetic engineering and genomics this is one of the most difficult course after 12th science. Aspirants seeking career in innovative science field can take this course however, completing in Microbiology course require extreme dedication as this discipline is given great importance for significant research work. Those who aspire doing something different and are purely dedicated towards their goals, can seek admission in Microbiology after 12th science however, it is quite tough to get into there, as only highly skilled and proficient candidates with good grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics get admission in prestigious colleges.

B.Sc. (H) Biomedical Science: If you have obtained good marks in 10+2 level with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology as core and English, Mathematics as supplementary subjects than you can purse in B.Sc (H) course after 12th science. In this course you will learn various aspects and principle of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Genetics, Microbiology, and Biotechnology. Which means, combination of all aforementioned subjects will be taught in this course that makes it one of the toughest areas to study at undergraduate level. Despite of difficulty level of Biomedical science, successful completion of the course serve high paying jobs and remarkable career in various aforementioned fields.

Biotechnology: if you wish to study a combination of Technology, Engineering and Medicine science than taking Biotechnology course after 12th science can be the right choice for you. As you can read areas of education, it is very much clear that biotechnology is one of the toughest options like Biomedical and Microbiology courses. Those who manage obtaining good marks at graduate level however can expand their expertise by studying biotechnology at Masters level can seek great career in diagnostic industry as well. Many aspirants seek integrated programs such as Bachelors in Biotechnology and which serve them dual expertise.

Physics (H): Physics Honors is one of the traditional choice that captivated many student’s attention due to the fact it open gate way for jobs not only in medical and non-medical sectors but also in multinational companies as well. Learning interpretation of experimental data, research experience, laboratory technique, mathematical modeling, problem solving, design experiment, hands-on training on laboratory technique etc brings A grade expertise and proficiency in candidate who pursue Physics (H). This means, without getting indulged in very difficult studies aspirants become eligible to get good job after completion of this course after 12th science as compared to aforementioned courses. However, it is quite difficult to take admission in Physics (H) in reputed college, due to limited seats in increased demand of Physics (h) after 12th science.

Chemistry (H): if you take Chemistry (H) course after 12th science then you are likely to study Biochemistry, Organic and Analytical subjects and can do higher studies in the similar subjects to become proficient and gain expertise in certain area. Chemistry (h) graduate jobs are vastly available in food industry, agrochemical industry, plastic industry etc. Along with this, prospective job seekers can find work opportunities in petrochemical, energy, polymers, analytical, medical device handling departments. Besides this, career as Chemistry (h) graduate after 12th science can serve you work profile in government as well as private firms. Earning Ph.D can further enable you to become lecturer in esteemed colleges where job stability, career and financial growth is possible.

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B.Sc Computer Science (H): when we talk about B.Sc (CS) we are mainly focusing on theoretical and mathematical foundations of computing. Pursuing Computer science courses after 12th science is one of the popular choice among aspirants likely to join big multinational firms. If you are willing to get out of outdated teaching specific technologies and would like to participate in an engaging career option then (CS) will give you an edge to start your career in IT companies which are widely expanding these days. Career in Computer science is becoming extremely lucrative for the fact that not only national but international engagements are opening fruitful and high paying jobs within lesser period of time. Opportunities of work like Software testers, software developers, programmer etc are huge after pursuing CS course after 12th science.

B.Sc Electronics (H): if you aspire to become professional and wish to pursue course after 12th science that serve prominent career ahead then gaining a degree of Electronics (H) is recommended. As the name suggest, electronic is mainly associated with electric department. Those having notable influence of research industry, and would like to become part of technical programs, defense electronics, design, testing, production, quality control, inspection, aerospace, etc can opt this course. Aspirants require strong technological skills as well as sound educational background to work as Electronics graduate. It should be noted that both CS and Electronics are popular courses which indirectly denoted competitiveness of these fields. Thus to succeed in these areas, you will have to get ahead of tough competition and must possess strong practical skills to get recruited for prestigious jobs in technical industry.

We hope aforementioned information about courses after 12th science has cleared your doubts at some extent. For further updates and get all the information to your inbox related to upcoming jobs, career options, and education news, please subscribe to us. We will assist you through appropriate response. We wish you all the best for your future career in science stream.


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