Digital Marketing Courses, Institutes & Jobs in India

digital marketing courses in india

For marketers who are working for brand advocacy, doing a digital marketing certificate course that focuses on A-B testing models, implementing SEO strategies as per Google’s Penguin, Panda guidelines, paying close attention on website structure, UI designs, User experience is important. Digital marketing courses that covers areas of study inclusive of discount led sales model, how to develop consumer loyalty, what content and social signals are saying about the brand, will definitely groom aspirant as a professional digital marketing entrepreneur.

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Besides this, E-commerce model in India is attracting potential business and according to marketing statistics and research, this trend is going to increase 40% every year. Wharton Business School too defines online marketing as “the process of anticipating, managing, and satisfying the demand for products, services, and ideas.” It can be said that whosoever focuses on gaining expertise in this segment will be able to stabilize career path through different marketing equations.

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So if you are searching for answer on what are the career option for digital marketing executives and managers then a certification that covers brand management, website optimization and so many other aspects of Digital marketing is never going to waste. Why? Like it is mentioned earlier, marketing is a function for mid cap, small cap and large cap companies in different sectors, be it in any discipline such information technology, fashion industry, food, technology etc. skilled marketing professionals are assured to get best paying online jobs.

Education of Online Marketing Professionals

According to the numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is believed that nearby 2020 there will be a huge demand of marketing executives, online executives, and specialist jobs. Having a marketing degree, certificate or diploma will thus demonstrate a professional edge over others. Research further clarifies that Advertising and promotions managers will be hired 40% more while those with associate degree will be considered 25% more. Copy writers, Marketing managers, Marketing research analysts and marketing specialists with bachelor’s degree are likely to get job 71% more while those with master’s degree will be considered for top digital marketing management profiles with an increment in salary. Obtaining diploma, degree or certification in Public relations, Public relations specialists will also increase job opportunities for talent pool.

Career Options In Online Marketing & Advertising Field With Certificate

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Study related to marketing management can pave your way to become a highly skilled professional. After obtaining your digital marketing certificate in digital marketing or in advertising aspirants can apply for marketing managers, sales promotion managers, research analysts and executives profiles. It is recommended to pursue a training program rather than sticking to ‘certificate course’ modules. As in digital marketing industry it is your knowledge and skill implementation is what matters. Once a candidate will be hired he or she will be asked to perform on sales, marketing, customer engagement, accounting, retailing principles rather than focusing on theoretical aspects of the field.

Digital Marketing Salary & Jobs Description

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On an average, digital marketing professionals are likely to earn somewhere between 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs on per annum basis. However, if one has gained expertise in chosen area then online marketing salary can be increased with incredible hike. There are many jobs in digital marketing field that offers good salary. Though what an aspirant likely to do in his on job duties or responsibility completely depends on what designation he or she is hired. For example, a coder require working with languages like Python, HTML5, PHP etc that require much more technical knowledge and expertise wherein a content writer who writes the on page or off page content for the promotion or about the brand awareness require less or no knowledge of such technical languages but must have expertise in english language MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard – style of writing styles.

Never the less, the best part about digital marketing jobs is that even a fresher can join quickly with less knowledge and is acceptable by the employers for online training. Nowadays, graduates, post graduates, aspirants with MCA, BCA, technical degree such as, are likely to get online marketing jobs and are paid much higher for the improvement in their knowledge and skills within the probationary period. So choose your field in digital industry and pave your career path towards success!

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