Montessori Training Distance Learning Courses

In past few years, Indian educators, scholars, and researchers have invested a lot to benefit and spread Dr. Maria’s life time mission. To establish well researched methods to train young minds, & to improve educational fundamentals of early childhood in India, they highlighted the need of good teacher’s training institutes. In this regard, many scholars took initiative and propagated … Continue reading “Montessori Training Distance Learning Courses”

Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) Recognized Schools

A model to understand and promote human development through an educational approach that leads to basic principle of self construction and environmental learning, is known as Montessori education. Children under age of six years have an innate path of development that can be directed spontaneously for optimal learning and growth. After analyzing this universal characteristics … Continue reading “Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) Recognized Schools”

Montessori Teacher Training Online

Increased demand of trained Montessori teachers for playschools, pre-schools and kindergarten, is an indication of growing career opportunities for aspirants, looking forward to build a career in education field. Montessori educational fundamentals are however, crucial to understand and practice. Which is why, it is highly imperative to get hands- on training and receive actual proof … Continue reading “Montessori Teacher Training Online”

Montessori Teacher Training Requirements

In 1911 when Montessori education spread, after its introduction, the concept of imparting specific training to the teachers to enable them to handle young minds carefully; certainly emerged as one of the revolutionary step among countries, seeking ideological expression of education. Countries having great inclination towards better educational concepts was mainly concentrating on early childhood … Continue reading “Montessori Teacher Training Requirements”

Montessori Teacher Jobs

In modern society, pre-school education has captivated attention of both parents and educators. Being more familiar with the fact that, early childhood is the most impressionable phase of a child’s development has evoked attention towards preschool education. As personality structure and traits of a child are significantly shaped during this stage; giving right direction to … Continue reading “Montessori Teacher Jobs”

Montessori Teaching Methods

In Rome, Children’s house is popular for imparting Montessori Teaching methods. It can be denoted as first place where Dr. Maria propagated innovative teaching methods that later on became widely popular among parents. Guardians who were looking forward to serve their children, an environment that fulfill needs and illustrates importance of life while multiplying development … Continue reading “Montessori Teaching Methods”

Montessori Curriculum India

Montessori curriculum covers a wide range of free activities within a “prepared environment”. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” W.B. Yeats, very rightly suggested inherent meaning behind methods of imparting education without effecting natural traits of the learner. Maria Montessori educational philosophy too revolve around the same … Continue reading “Montessori Curriculum India”