Engineering Degrees in India List & Colleges

Engineering Degrees

Types of Engineering degrees that you can pursue after 12th science for a successful career in upcoming years are imperative to be analyzed on the basis of interest, scope, validity and future prospects of the chosen engineering field. According to latest research conducted by leading online education web forums, in 2017 to 2025 there are more than 50,000 engineering jobs will be available for fresher. This educational research also states that aspirants with experience of 4-5 years in engineering branches will be rewarded with a hike in their salary as both online and offline market place and technology in India is growing at rapid pace. That is the reason when it comes to engineering career in India that guarantee jobs, skilled and talented aspirants in field of chemical, civil, electrical, and other sub branches of can enjoy engineering salary and good work opportunities in engineering field in India or abroad. It is well known that engineering is a broad term that includes array of subjects like mathematics, science, technology, Information, mechanical etc. However, studying and imbibing these subjects may completely depend on an aspirant’s personal inclination. Though all branches of engineering are bound to offer creative and much needed solution for the betterment of the modern day life.

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So what are the popular branches of engineering to pursue career after 12th science? Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information Technology, Management, and Geotechnical, are the most commonly chosen engineering fields and specific degrees that are offered by universities these days. Different subcategories of engineering under each branch are also considered by aspirants for best employment & job opportunities after engineering degree. These are also considered as highest paying engineering degrees in India that guarantee jobs.

Mechanical Engineering Degree
Amongst different types of engineering degrees Mechanical is one of the most commonly chosen field in India. It involves systems assistance in major and important industries like nanotechnology, nuclear power production, and manufacturing. In many engineering colleges and institutes primary focus is on thermodynamics, materials science, kinematics and structural analysis study is given. You can say that this broadest of all engineering degree covers various engineering disciplines that offers jobs.

Aerospace Engineering Degree
Often interchangeably used with Aeronautical engineering term, this branch of engineering involves study of space travel. Many colleges offers aerospace engineering degree that covers wide range of subjects such as military aircraft design, development and commercial airline design. Many popular aerospace degrees also covers satellite technology with a specialized training.

Biomedical Engineering Degree
Another types of engineering degree that you can pursue is biomedical engineering that combines study of medicine and biology. Working as a biomedical engineer you will be required to submit design skills on medical sciences and work for the advancement in healthcare treatment terminology. All diagnostic devices, such as MRI, EEG, X-ray machines, etc are designed by biomedical engineers. It can be a rewarding career path for those who can take medical field challenges.

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Electronics Engineering Degree
Other engineering degree that guarantee jobs in India is four year degree program in Electronic engineering. Working on latest mobile technology, computers, and other gadgets is the basic job profile electronic engineers. They also design and build new electronic equipment, work on circuits, switchboards and implement configurations to build better systems.

Mechatronics Engineering Degree
Mechatronics engineering is also known as Mechatronics engineering is another popular career option in the field of engineering for hybrid engineers. It is believed that nearly all mechanical equipments are operated through advance technology, engineers who seek this advancement are known as Mechatronics engineers. They bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation methods in the area of mechanical, electronics, information technology engineering. Details of different types and description of branches of engineering is obtained by aspirants working in this field.

Biomechanical Engineering Degree
Out of all types of engineering and its branches list, Biomechanical engineering is one of the most traditionally chosen field that relates with the study of mechanics, problem solving and organism. However, engineering branches salary may vary as per the knowledge and skills, but on beginning graph of this engineering branch an aspirant who work closely with practical application based on environmental challenges can tie up with biomedical engineering firms while working on challenges in agricultural engineering field to expand great scope of earning good salary in this field of engineering.

Robotics Engineering Degree
Obtaining degree in Robotic Engineering means entering in the field of new branches of engineering. The scope of career in this engineering branch is immense if aspirants focus on automation and use of machines to assist with repetitive tasks. As robotic engineer you will be typically working on the design and work elements of functional driven technology to develop and maintain system as per requirements to ensure optimal efficiency in work flow. More details of this engineering branch can be obtained from colleges and institutes that offers robotic engineering degree program.

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Civil Engineering Degree
Engineering field that includes development of infrastructure such as buildings, railways, roads construction, bridges is known as the study and engineering of Civil. Pursuing civil engineering means getting familiar with general construction project management as well as get ample knowledge of rebuilding projects. Job opportunities for Civil Engineers is immense in private or public sector. Aspirants can work at different level depending on higher education after civil engineering they have pursued. However, environmental, structural and marine engineering are all specialties of civil engineering that guarantee jobs.

Structural Engineering Degree
A specific branch of civil engineering, structural engineering is include different aspects of designing, construction of buildings based on different factors. As the process of renovation and establishment of new building as per environmental safety modules is taking place, the career scope and salary of structure engineers is about to increase by 15% in upcoming years. Pursuing a structural engineering degree will enable you to understand how to build houses, building designs, art museums, stores etc, while offering essential knowledge about erosion, corrosion, wind and other safety measures of construction. You can pursue structural engineering as a concentration course offered within a civil engineering degree branch.

Architectural Engineering Degree
If you wish to pursue career as Architectural engineer then pursuing Architectural Engineering degree in India will serve your purpose of obtaining sound knowledge on building structures, interior designs etc. Though structural engineering and architectural engineering are quite interlinked branches and job scope is also immense but work area may differentiate. For instance, in architectural engineering branch aspirants require working on planning, developing design phase of projects, interior, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, lighting, plumbing etc. wherein structural designers may work on segments like soil erosion, corrosion as mentioned above.

Chemical Engineering Degree
When we talk about more practical application of science subject such as chemistry and scope of career after 12 th science then pursuing chemical engineering is recommended. Aspirants who work under this engineering branches can find career scope in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and raw chemicals segments. Out of other engineering branches, salary for chemical engineers is high in India as they work broadly with product manufacturing companies. Pursuing this type of engineering degree will ensure advancement in practical application of chemistry while overcoming its challenges.

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Environmental Engineering Degree

According to job statistics conducted by leading research agency, Environmental engineering degree is likely to serve more than 25% jobs every year. The reason why it is considered as popular kinds of engineering degree for good career, job and salary is because the impact of technology on environment is creating adverse circumstances that needs to be rectified with right approach. That is the reason, this types of engineering branch that improve environment and focuses on development and manufacturing process for betterment of environment is in demand. You can consider this branch of engineering as a part of civil engineering though this branch has its own potential to serve popular engineering jobs to fresher and experience engineers in India.

Materials Science Engineering Degree

If you are eager to know about particles, materials, their specification, and why such material behave in specific manner then pursuing material science engineering degree is recommended to you. The study of plastics, ceramics and polymers, materials, environmental friendly formation of products based on these materials is what taught under material science engineering degree program. These days, in research departments, material science engineers are high in demand especially graduates with sound knowledge of scientific aspect of material science are getting good salary in this engineering branch.

Electrical Engineering Degree
As the focus of engineering branches and scope has shifted to hydro energy, natural resources, environmental friendly techniques, having an electrical engineering degree can ensure industrial placement. An Electrical Engineer can work on electrical plants, hydro and natural sources technologies, can assist in projects focusing on practical application while studying electrical engineers design components. Those who have good knowledge of electronic equipment, communications systems, power grids, automobiles, and other branches of engineering such as IT are likely to be placed in multinational firms. Salary for electrical engineers in India solely depends on skill set one demonstrates. However, career scope of this engineering branch is immense if aspirants top their resume with industrial exposure.

Microelectronic Engineering Degree
Microelectronic Engineering degree is a part of Electrical Engineering that focuses on micro aspects of engineering and specialize in the design and development of electrical devices. Microelectronic engineers are bound to work on wide range of industrial applications based on development models of convenient electronic devices. The demand of microelectronic engineers in India has increased as IT technology is booming at great pace. Jobs scope and salary of microelectronic engineers is expected to increase if one obtain expertise in testing.

Computer Engineering Degree
Another popular engineering degree type In India that guarantee job and is likely to increase at great extent is the field of Information Technology. Also known as (IT) industry, pursuing a degree in computer engineering can enable aspirants to establish a full fledge career in India. Areas like E-commerce, online marketing, services everything is based on software, technology, science and engineering. Thus, aspirants who are exposed to these areas have and succeed with full potential rely on information technology. It is to be noted that jobs and salary of IT engineers in upcoming years is likely to increase at 75% annually. Pursuing computer engineering degree or any other certificate program in IT field or digital industry can give job guarantee.

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Agricultural Engineering Degree

Agriculture is one of the important aspect of GDP in India. A reason why career scope with agricultural engineering degree offers great job opportunities to aspirants. By pursuing degree in agricultural engineering, aspirants will work on segments such as how to apply engineering to the agricultural industry while obtaining knowledge about soil conservation, salinity, farm machinery, production, harvesting techniques and will also study about upgrading technology and its implementation to improve farming and production outcome. This engineering branch generally revolve around agriculture, techniques and technology.

Ceramics Engineering Degree
Developing products from ceramics is known as Ceramic engineering. There are many methods, theoretical aspects in this branch of engineering that focuses on nonmetal, organic materials, cooling and heating techniques of ceramic engineering that will be taught in degree program. After pursuing a degree in ceramic engineering aspirants can work in electronic, civil design, structural design industries.

Metallurgical Engineering Degree
If you are curious about how metals are produced and wish to pursue career in science field after 12 th then Metallurgical engineering degree will enable you to study principles to extract metals, how to purify metals from ore while covering different aspects of this branch of engineering. As Metallurgical Engineer, you will be developing, designing and processing techniques while working on various machinery to take an account on ore and its impact on environment.

Geomatics Engineering Degree
Geomatics engineers are involved in infrastructure projects and work on data systems. Development of 3D maps and creating replication of terrain by using GPS technology is one of the basic job responsibility of Geomatics professionals. As the advancement in technology is taking place and there is a shortage of professionals with degree or certificate in Geomatics engineering, lucrative salary to such professionals is offered. If you obtain expertise in using techniques and equipments in taking precise measurement for mapping earth’s environment then career scope as Geomatics engineer will be amazing.

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Automotive Engineering Degree
The name automotive engineering implies to the study of design and production of vehicles that requires extensive engineering work in areas such as mechanical design. Aspirants who are passionate about such sectors can learn about manufacturing, electrical engineering and systems management to pursue a career as automotive engineer. In India Best automotive engineering degree programs focuses on practical knowledge and implementation of theoretical knowledge to innovative new designs.

MBA in Engineering Degree
To become professional engineer after 12 th and obtain engineering degree program that guarantee job, pursuing MBA degree in engineering field of any branch is a crucial step. Engineering with MBA is a well thought curated program after Engineering course that offers designation to aspirants at managerial level.

Online Engineering Degrees
One of the popular concept in engineering field is learning engineering tools online and gaining hands on experience during internship of online engineering degree courses that covers all aspect of digital marketing and other engineering niche. Master’s in engineering from distance mode is one of the best ways to learn management online without attending school and get placement assistance as well. However, only at entry level these degrees are offered as recently the demand of Professional engineer with license has increased.

So now when you have enough knowledge of different engineering branches, types and details we advise you to take career counselling on engineering field to get a clear idea about which engineering branch to pursue after 12 th science that offer job guarantee in India.

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