Gold Jewellery Design Courses in India

jewellery-designing-coursesJewellery designing is a procedure of creating decorative ornaments which are worn for personal adornment and fashion. In modern society, brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets with gemstones and metals are certain types of archaeological artifacts liked by people. These are some of the oldest ornaments came into existence at the time of Mesopotamia, Egyptians, Greeks civilization. But modern revolution has transformed the way these are perceived and worn nowadays.

Thanks to proficient Gold Jewellery designers who adorn these skills and make such master pieces. To give a professional edge to students seeking career as Jewellery designer, many institutes has has come up with gold jewellery design courses in India which also has tremendous influence on trading across countries and thus has opened scope for employment and business for many.

In India, ancient and royal jewelry designs are widely famous for beautiful craftsmanship and detailing. As manufacturing, trading of gems and stones is one of the oldest businesses in the country, this place is often regarded as hub of trade. The basic forms of jewelry may vary between cultures but traditional patterns still persist and are modified with the changing trends. However, unique inter cultural adornments came into existence during early eighteen century and still have vital influence on design, texture and patterns.

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With rising international trades innumerous opportunities for business makes this field captivating for buyers and sellers. As fashion trends changes with global influence, buyers seek revolutionized and intriguing designs within traditional patterns. This mean, manufacturing part is a strenuous procedure. And no doubt, requires creativity, knowledge and technical skills to deliver aesthetic products to be bought for various purposes. Fashion Jewelry designing is thereby a promising career prospects in India that can be pursued by aspirants seeking creative and innovative pathways.

Though understanding historic origin of gemstones and accessory making is vital to gain expertise in this field. According to an online magazine, more than 90 colleges and institutes are conducting basic to advance specialization in jewellery manufacturing in various cities of the country. This demonstrates rapid growth and unlimited job opportunities in this industry at national and international level.

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In fact, talented designers can even launch their own range of exclusive platinum, silver, gold range or can run custom made business or can open stores. However, successful completion, obtaining skills, and getting industry exposure and training is necessary to get started in this field as a novice. Professional training polish aspirants with knowledge of traditional craftsmanship methods and technical skill. Pursuing such courses opens relevant job opportunities in the future for accessory designers and give a good career start.


As modernized accessory manufacturing require technical training and skills, it certainly depicts the significance of obtaining specialization in diamond and gold jewelry manufacturing, pattern making, handling, storing, quality check areas. Thus to make them professionals of modern era, students are trained during internships and are also introduced to hands on experience in the marketplace as they attend various trade shows, exhibitions, new brand launch to know more about trends.

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Curriculum of long and short term courses include field teaching, project work, historical study, professional lectures, presentation and hands on training to obtain skills like stone cutting, engraving, quality control, testing, polishing etc. The purpose of specialization is to let aspirants acquire both technical and aesthetic traits of accessories. They are subjected to learn art of designing from the scratch, work with precious metals, alloys, geometry and mathematics, learn color synchronization, anodizing and enameling process, stone setting, and manufacturing as well.

Depending on area of interest and time availability, one can join various diploma, short term and long term courses with minimum qualification of 10+2. However, graduation is mandatory for doing three to two-years degree. For your consideration, we have come up with comprehensive list of subjects that are generally included in curriculum of professional jewelry design. Have a look.

Understanding Jewellery Design Curriculum

Basic modules are generally same in diploma, certificate, or degree. However, level of in-depth study and construction of fundamental subjects differs. For instance, if an aspirant has enrolled in short term training then finer tricks of creating most sensational patterns will not be included. Only introduction to will be a part of the curriculum. But in advance or specialization, technical skills about perceiving and judging traditional modes of creation with tool handling like CAD, brainstorming, mould making, drawing will be taught as integral part of advance level training.

In the final year, aspirants are trained to acquire marketing and management skills, including promotion strategies of the products with portfolio making to demonstrate as learning outcome. Innovation and research related to historical heritage of countries and cultures, is again a vital part of long term curriculum modules.

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Such professional jewelry courses polish aspirants to gain in depth knowledge related to manufacturing of finest specimens according to current market trends. Hands on experience in evaluating common to modern design patterns, knowing fusions, ergonomics of fine craft, nature of raw materials, and precious stones handling are also included in specialization.

Foundation SubjectsSpecializationDesigningBudgeting & CostingMarketing
Introduction to Metallurgy, gemstones, cuts & stone rendering metal texturesManufacturing of costume JewelleryApplication of Ortho to final layoutsStudy of Industrial functioningSampling & Advance methodology on manufacturing
Introduction to Orthographic, Isometric & PerspectiveLecture on Metallurgy & GemmologyIsometric to creationProject – CADResearch on Upcoming Markets
& Lecture on manufacturing, marketing & processing
Project work – Research on different Eras & their influence on trendsGeometry, Visualization of various shapes and forms and applications & Colour Philosophy & Introduction to various TexturesPictorial views & different Angle Project – Trend ForecastingFinal Merchandising & PD
Learning various types of linking & manufacturing techniquesRepresentation of Ideas on paper
& Advance rendering application
Projection techniques
& Lecture and annual project
Study of various MarketsPortfolio Making

Jewellery Design Course Fees

Fee structure majorly depends on various factors such as duration, infrastructure of the college, faculty, amenities offered to students, modules, paid workshops etc. But generally for one-year diploma aspirants are subjected to pay anywhere between 70,000/- INR to 1.5 Lakhs. For short terms diploma, 15,000 to 50,000 INR fee is applicable. But if aspirant seeking specialization then fee range is will be more. The average fee of the professional degree may vary from institute to institute. Fee criteria also depends on the duration of basic, foundation and advance training too. For instance, 2 months’ or 8 weeks’ certificate offered by institutes may cost between 20,000/- to 22,500/- wherein computer aided designing of gems of 11 months or 6 weeks duration may cost upto 15,000/- to 18,000/- INR.

For advance level program, average fee charged by institutes is 24,000/- to 26,000/- the duration could be one year to 21 months or 11 weeks. Coloured gemstone identification is another type of advance learning that can be completed within 31 months or 14 weeks which will cost approximately 34,000/-. Besides this, Diamond identification and grading certificate is also preferable. It will cost around 26,000/- for 10 weeks duration. Short term training such as 3 weeks, 2 days workshop and crash courses in manufacturing and marketing could be done which will cost around 5,000/- to 10,000/- but fee structure may vary, depending on institute and faculty.

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It is always advisable to compare duration of such programs and check experience of faculty before joining and investing in such career oriented Jewelry design courses. Maintenance and additional charges may also be imposed to final fee structure. It is advisable to pre- check entire fee structure before enrollment. One must enquire about hidden charges, additional charges, deposits (if any), taxes, university charges etc to be on safer side. To encourage candidates to choose vocational diplomas, colleges are helping students in terms of funding and scholarships. This is a good financial aid available. So before enrollment check for such assistance. Banks also offer student or study loan to aspirants however, terms and conditions must be dually checked before borrowing.

Job Prospects & International Focus

India has recorded 20% of world gold consumption and is known as biggest gold consumer. This certainly shows the significance of work opportunities for prospective candidates. There are innumerable job opportunities for talented jewelry designers not only at domestic front but internationally too. Increasing tie ups with international brands already earns goof foreign exchange. This has raised participation of reputed companies in hiring talented people across the countries.

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Job opportunity for jewellery designers are plenty and specially for gold jewelry experts. For instance if you see the number of people search for gold rate in Chennai everyday it will show you the demand it has, and that is always a positive sign for professionals in the field in terms of job opportunities and career prospects. E-commerce is another great e-retailing source where trading deals can be done with overseas buyers to earn direct profit. Business or job both are good options for experienced and creative professionals.

The global fashion industry welcomes professionally trained and well qualified jewellery designers across the world to participate with big brands. Companies are in fact choosing different mode of hiring and are willing to work with creative minds who can make fashion jewellery for shows and retailing. There is perpetual requirement of experienced, and trained professionals to get lucrative work opportunity in an international jewelry export houses as well.

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