Graphic Design Courses in India: Career, Job Description & Salary Info

graphic designer coursesGiving visual identity to a ‘brand’ is the creative task performed by a graphic designer. He is someone who works on various online and offline platforms, to communicate with the audience through innovative display of knowledgeable ideas and show purpose behind it. In the past few years, revolution in digital marketing has drastically changed work perspective towards this industry.

While more than 65,000 designers have been already placed in big digital marketing companies, design studios and are freelancing with startup portals. In the upcoming years, more than 70,000 numerous job opportunities are expected to be available for fresher and experienced professionals.

With creative flair, industrial and professional approach, the progression in this field depends on skills, company tie ups, networking and creative work portfolio. Entering into this field means more exposure to technical tools, improved knowledge and market understanding topped with endless work opportunities that exist throughout the country and overseas. Good experience and specialization in relevant field, further opens work opportunities with art directors in film and media industry too.

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Young entrepreneurs can join workplaces in online publications while those having experience in visual elements, effects, video games, and digital media can work at international platforms. Understanding client’s objectives, doing large design partnerships and achieving promotion targets are several job duties of successful designers.

Prospective designer can work for commercial packaging, e-commerce, startups, and entertainment industry as well. So if you are planning to widen career scope in this niche then strategically understand job duties, roles and description, to develop your design work portfolio and skills, to reach specific professional level to become a successful graphic designer.

Job Description

Requirement is based on skill test as demonstrated on resume at the time of interview. The skill test is a detailed orientation of creative thinking patterns, how the candidate is able to plan, organize and analyze ideas. Interpersonal skills, pitching and selling the idea are also accountable skills that must be polished. Graphic designer job description evolves around promoting a particular product, raising brand awareness, educating people about the brand or product through advertising. Making product logos, layouts that deliver strong impression through images, text style & create interactive design on computer aided design (CAD) are part of duties performed on regular basis.

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Designer execute new concepts make them possible through  illustrative skills. From rough sketches, to incorporating recommended changes to final presentation, he works on emerging technologies to ensure accurate high quality work. Work is done in close association with photographers, stylists, web developers and marketing experts, which means team work is essential quality. Freelancer designer job may further include liaising with clients to know their requirements, making design briefs, writing proposals within the constraints of budget. Though printing is excluded for digital products, but quality assurance of the virtual art work in terms of design style & format review is essential.

To negotiate with team and clients, brief ideas, and give presentation, aspirants must acquire excellent communication skills and confidence. Time management and working under pressure to meet deadlines is another ability that aspirant must possess. Being open to feedback and reviews further enable designer to learn from past mistakes. Moreover, polishing skills with latest technology, and giving attention to details in final product is what makes them top notch designers. They should also be focused in networking to build contacts for long terms.

Specialization & Tools

Exceptional creativity and eye catchy designs are not possible without tools. Thus, to perform best in commercial environment graphic designer must possess IT skills in photo editing software. Most visual arts, in 3D, communication design, illustration, fine, and photography are enhanced through tools. Software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier, Dreamweaver, Typography, QuarkXPress, and Acrobat are important tools to practice and gain proficiency in designing.

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Qualification & Work Experience

Generally, graphic illustration, digital imaging, web design, & diploma in adobe are entry level courses recommended to entry level candidates. They can also enroll in bachelor’s degree program. However, formal training is not essential if someone is familiar with above mentioned software. Mere practice and training can polish designing skills. As job offers purely based on portfolio work, education qualification is not mandatory but to demonstrate art work, aspirants require presenting demo work. That is why involvement in live projects with seniors is a good way of building work experience portfolio. Having knowledge of design, printing techniques, art history and latest technology is advantageous as well.

To work with big brands in the industry, following reputed designers and observing their work while enhancing own skills is advisable. Art directors and managers are available on social media sites, its best to stay updated with their recent work and closely follow them. Though experience and practical skills are most noteworthy in this industry, it is always good to acquire bachelors or post graduation degree in art, related to designing field.

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Graphic designer without experience might get internship to learn new skills under senior designers. However, to get into desired work place, educational background and good references are essential. Take a look at list of Best Graphic Designing Institutes & Colleges in India:

Institute Course Duration FeeAddress / Phone Number
St. Angelo Professional Education,B.Sc. in Visual Media (Animation)3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree Not Available Kandivali West, Mumbai

Frameboxx Animation
and Visual Effects
B.Sc. in Multimedia and Animation Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree Not Available Andheri West, Mumbai
MAACAD3D EDGE 27 Months , Full Time , Diploma Mumbai
Arena AnimationAnimation International Program Broadcast15 Months , Full Time , Certification INR 490000 Malad, Malad West, Mumbai
FX SchoolDiploma in CG Animation 12 Months , Part Time , DiplomaAndheri West, Mumbai
Reliance AIMS,3D Animation Certification 12 Months , Part Time Mumbai, Andheri West, Mumbai
iPixio Design College Bachelor in Media, Animation and Design3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree
Not Available Koramangala, Bangalore
Arena Animation Arena Animation International Program VFX (AAIP - VFX)28 Months , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 480000
Jayanagar, Bangalore
Picasso Animation CollegeB.Sc. in Animation and Film Making3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree Bangalore, Domlur Layout, Bangalore
Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation (AIGA Murugeshpalya),B.FA in Digital Art and Animation 4 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 525000 Airport (Old Airport), Bangalore
Seamedu - School of Pro-Expressionism,B.Sc. in Visual Effects and Animation for Film and TV 3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 375000 Bangalore, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
IIFA MultimediaAnimation Diploma- 16 Months INR 71000 Srinivasanagar, Bangalore
Aquariuss Animations Pvt Ltd, B.Sc in Digital Animation Film Making3 Years Full TimeNot Available Koramangala, Bangalore
Kalapurnam Institute of Visual effects and Animation MAYA,Part Time Certification,

Career Course in Graphics and Animation
30 MonthsINR 121551 C.G Road, Ahmedabad
Arena Animation,
International Advanced Animation Certification14 Months , Part Time ,
Not Available

Maninagar, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Bhagwant University,
M.Sc. (Animation)2 Years , Full Time , Post Graduate Degree
Not Available

Ideabox Academy
Diploma in Animation Diploma 2 Years , Full Time INR 150000 Ajmer
Kohinoor Technical Institute,Certification in Designing3 Months Part Time , Not AvailableAjmer
Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics,BA in Animation and VFX3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 360000 Himachal Pradesh,
P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art (Veda College),B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 300000 Camp, Pune
Contemporary and New Media Art SchoolDiploma in Fine Animation1 Year , Part Time , Diploma INR 61000 Pune
Thumbnail Institute of Animation Arts One Year Career Course in Animation12 Months , Part Time , Certification
INR 75000

Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune
Seamedu - School of Pro-ExpressionismBFA in Game Design4 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 540000 Balewadi, Pune
Times and Trends Academy
B.Sc. in Animation 3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree Not Available
Bhandarkar Rd, Pune
Kalapurnam Institute of AnimationCareer Course in Graphics and Animation 30 Months , Part Time , Certification INR 121551 C.G Road, Ahmedabad
Xplora Design SchoolInternational Pathway Program in Digital Media Design 2 Years , Full Time , Diploma
INR 600000 Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
CDAC - Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) PG Diploma in Advance Computer Arts24 Weeks , Full Time , Post Graduate Diploma INR 79000 Shivranjani, Ahmedabad
Lovely Professional UniversityB.Design in Animation 4 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 436000
Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh
UGC Recognised
B. Sc in Animation and Multimedia Technology 3 Years , Full Time , Under Graduate Degree INR 210000 Chandigarh
Zee Institute Of Creative Art,B.Sc. in Animation & Visual Effects 36 Months , Full Time Not Available
OXL School of MultimediaAdvance Professional Diploma in 3D Animation18 Months , Full Time , Post Graduate Diploma INR 140000
Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics
AD3D EDGE- Advance Program in 3D Animation & VFX 27 Months , Full Time , DiplomaNot AvailableChandigarh
Arena Animation, Chandigarh, AAIP - Advanced Animation24 Months , Part Time , Diploma INR 197000

Graphic design companies to work in:

Advertising agencies are the big employers for experienced and newbie. As the work involves various innovative tasks and job duties, corporate branding, audience communication, brand awareness is not possible without co relation between advertising firms and designers. At national and international level creative people’s employability rate has increased tremendously. In the recent report by online survey magazine, due to advancement of technology and its influence on globalization, freelance work opportunities for designers are huge.

Television and broadcasting companies are too going online, resulting to which more creative job profiles are available for those having strong graphic technology skills and ability to pay attention to product packaging, exhibitions, displays, & corporate communications. Thus, prospective candidates can seek work opportunities in multimedia companies, magazines, design groups, studios, online and offline publishers, multinational companies, local government, educational settings, large printing firms, app and web development organizations.

Graphic designer salary

From brand management job to creative designing profile, the salary in designing career may vary and depends on expertise and experience one possess. At entry level an internship can enable aspirants to earn somewhere between 1-2 lakhs per annum. Though many internships are not paid but junior designing roles offer ample exposure to the market and practical skills. However, with constant practice and experience aspirant can reach senior position and can earn more than one lakh a month depending on the kind of work and skills one acquire. Networking and designer’s name in the industry too matters in terms of freelance and open source work opportunities.

Tips for graphic designer career development

Create an amazing portfolio relevant to the niche. With business card and website, a well- structured portfolio is a professional approach towards employers. When creating such portfolio exclude pixelated images and send right format of images not more than 10MB maximum average size. Coming to professional development, acquire industry specific formal training in technical and non-technical areas to get advantage over competition. Getting involved in volunteer or charity work further helps in interacting with professionals of similar field and spread your name as designer.

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Freelance designing is a network base work that must be noticed, so always look for opportunities to show skills by participating in local area events, college programs, assisting senior designers. Working in design studio is also a good option to boost design career.

Networking at such studios can bring a lot of small projects that will offer valuable experience. Senior designers often pass on projects due to their busy schedule or short budget, these can be great learning projects for newbies and bring decent income as well.

Online presence is another big factor that makes professionals shine in the relevant field. Many graphic designers get their client from online sources. So, social media marketing is vital to promote portfolio and make good client list as well. Finally, never compromise with skills and always produce quality art work. Be it online digital platforms or offline. Quality work is the key to open treasure house of fame, money, reputation, good networks and opportunities to grow.

All the best for your career! For any further queries, write to us in the comment box below.

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