How To Become A Content Writer

how-to-become-content-writer To be a content writer or blogger, it takes a lot of research, passion to write, and of course, good grammar! A writer’s instinct to write is imperative. Sometimes, ideas pop-out with a cup of coffee in a cafeteria and with every sip stimulus, strengthens. One feel charged up with that idea, to collect words, create draft, write, read self – creation, edit and publish to inspire. I must add, it takes a lot of self motivation to write. Sometimes, sadness encourages to write. Contrary to this, gratitude, love, affection also become source of commendable writing pieces. Or perhaps, accidental writing do wonders for many established writers.

I also started writing casually. One of my friend asked me to write. He once, came across my dairy filled with fairy tale stories written by me, poem expressing my insane thoughts – direct mirror of my doubts, illusions, fears, pain and what not. And gradually inspired me to writing, my profession. I laughed at him as my skills were poor, and told him, this suggestion will go vain. But hey, thanks to him. I am a writer today and working on various projects. Writing is indeed, what i like the most.

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Yes, it takes courage to write, when all weird things surrounds us. But believe me, pain and odd things, eventually bring out emotions, allows your brain to pick right words to express! You can say that your ‘daunting struggles’ can keep you on as a content writer. Don’t trust me? Try to write down your thoughts, when you are sad and exercise the same when you are feeling happy. You will see major difference of how your brain works and how your intuitions force you to craft your words beautifully.

There are professional writers who can write on anything. But unpolished thoughts are still matter of mood and feelings (unless you are not doing technical writing job). So what is the best way to write and become a content writer as a beginner?

Read. Explore. Experiment. Write. Yes, you’re reading it right. This formula worked for me. Though it takes a lot of efforts, hard work, sound knowledge of grammar, practice to write. But as a beginner, don’t worry! Just start writing and reading on and on. Your interest will increase and it will become a part of your life (for me, its my source of living and life). Soon you will realize that writing is coming natural to you, something that really connects you with yourself and helps you knowing yourself better. This is the phase of becoming a writer.

Second phase is when you start inspiring others with your piece of writing and third phase of success is when you are accepted by your audiences. They follow you, wait for you to write and imbibe your writing. Fourth, when you start making easy money and gain recognition for your work. Wow, you sound like a Professional Content Writer!

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So, once you convert your emotions into words, gets familiar with the route of writing, trust me no educational background really matters. Just like Chetan Bhagat. An IT person, followed his heart. He left his job and started writing. That’s the key to unlock the door and become popular content writer. No, i am not encouraging you to take any false step and leave your job unless you don’t have  pro writer’s skills. But you can continue writing with other profession as well. My advice, add writing exercises in your daily routine.

Apart from this, learn to listen to your heart. Established writers always follow their heart and instincts. They forget the world and bring out best from their own world of emotions. Be it non-professionals or professionals, what matters is the way you as writer communicate with your audience. So target your audience fulfill their needs, and write for right niche, in which they are interested. That simply means, a lot of research work!


When you aspire taking writing jobs on serious note as full time job, then self discipline and extensive skills to perform within deadlines to become professional content writer is required. Remember, bad writing always hurt readers, there are rules to be followed. But sometimes breaking those rules is also necessary. You must have skills, judgmental powers, intelligence and of course heart to write to inspire others with your words.

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The choice of words and thoughts really matters in writing profession. Knowledge of niche, audience, doing research, collecting ideas, drafting, editing and finalizing content to publish; everything must to be done in an accurate manner. But if you sit to write for yourself or just want to inspire your community blog followers, then simply jot down ideas, write, ask for opinions and correct yourself. Get back to your friends or family, enjoy your time and when you come back, again read, edit and publish! It’s a great writing exercise as well.

This way, your writing will lead you to the right path and soon you will develop a habit of polishing writing skills. But remember, a good writer not only inspire others, but also pick inspiration to write from every reliable source. And if you consistently follow your chosen field; devote yourself to study, write, practice and set goals, the way is all yours!
Still waiting? I invite that writer in you, to google ideas, get inspired and start writing! Also, remember Sensie Ikeda words, I quote “It’s your heart, that matters”. Keep following it!

Good luck! Hey don’t forget to share your first post with me, your comment and can follow for more career options. Come back soon!

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