How To Select Best College After 12th For Career Growth?

how-to-choose-career-after-12th It is estimated that college interns or graduates have more chances to earn in the global marketplace than those who don’t attend educational institutes. But how to choose best colleges or school after 12th for right career start is always a concerning factor among aspirants. That is the reason when deciding on the type of education a child will get is important for parents to keep current education trends in mind. It is believed that a child’s career base starts right from the age of 9-12 years when he or she selects certain subject to study. Subjects like commerce, science and humanities leave huge impact on a child’s overall understanding of educational philosophies.

As the scope of education and career growth depends on a child’s perception or interest towards a certain subject, it is important for parents or mentors to guide young generation correctly as per their area of interest and scope. Why doing its important is because parents often force children to take programs such as engineering, science, hotel management or so on which are not selected as per their interest area, thus the performance is hampered. Wherein anything done as per child’s intellectual capabilities and intend has an evidenced result to reveal in form of success.

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Every year we see a drastic change in the cut off list of various colleges. The reason why cut off goes high is well understood – Competition. However, the realm of taking admission in only Best Colleges is what cause anxiety and pressure among youngsters. According to experts, many colleges imbibe rigorous standards of education and good availability of advanced classes which are hugely neglected by peers, youngsters or 12th pass outs.

Though if they focus on Good programs rather than Good colleges, a lot of burden can be shed and they can give a kick start to career after 12th. Many courses after 12th science, commerce, arts are curated to direct pupil as per their different interests. However, there are many factors that affects decision-making about a particular career in child’s life. Given below is a quick analysis that both parents and students must go through to understand mythology of taking certain course before the beginning of their career.

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Academic Performance To Get Best College: This equates to student’s performance in standard examination at higher secondary level. Those who out perform in their chosen field are always ahead in overcoming career obstacles and probably get best answers about how to choose right career after 12th. The reason being their test or examination score in favor enable such aspirants to choose whatever field they wish as high test scores statistically equate to higher college acceptance rates and sometimes are rewarded with good scholarship as well.

Impact of Parental and Peer influence on Career Decision: According to statistics, aspirants who apply in private colleges are more likely to take professional or vocational programs. Higher expectations of parents and peer influence on career choices is a major factor that affects final decision of choosing right career after 12th. For instance, these days four year degree program after 12th inclusive of MBA is popular option and if a majority of students wish to take admission in science colleges offering integrated with any specialization, those around them are more likely to do the same. Thus, how to choose best college course for engineering, MBA and many other courses majorly decided as per peer and parental influence.

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To pick the best college after 12th, above mentioned factors are significant. However, according to a survery gauged by intitutes reveals that career planning after 12th should be done years before as it affects choice of subjects an aspirant going to study and prepare for upcoming entrance exams after 12th. Keeping these factors in mind to succeed academically by setting high standard of prepartion is important to lead more chances to get best 12th for graduation.


  1. I am from arts and my interest is in photography, but my parents says it is very risky field. Please help, how to convince them?

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