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Online Digital Marketing CertificationIn today’s competitive world having a digital marketing online certification course serve an edge over others and demonstrates that an aspirant has gone through comprehensive marketing trend and strategies planning program useful for finding good jobs in marketing field. Pursuing an online digital marketing course means gaining hands on knowledge and skills that plays a vital role in leading full fledge career path in rapidly growing industry. Basically, online marketing management certification is a program that focuses on lead generation and business advertising and promotions. Thus, the programs that offers standard PR training, cover all aspects of reaching target audience for rapid sales and promotion online, gives an overview of useful statistics and facts about the recent online marketing trend, are bound to offer lucrative marketing jobs in digital field. Here in this article you will be reading everything about digital marketing career, eligibility, courses and what are the jobs and salary offered to online marketing executives.

When we talk about online marketing career growth in a hierarchy environment then executives require developing set of skills to show impressive digital marketing career objective for resume to grab career opportunities fast growing online segments in banking sector, telecomm, digital and many other ‘next- digital’ fields in India. It is important to note that online marketing trends in India are constantly changing due to rapidly growing digital marketing industry. Thus, those who wish to pursue a career in marketing field must get familiar with various roles such as planning, public relations, event organization, product development, distribution, research, sponsorship, advertising etc.

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Growing digital marketing industry has lot to offer to potential candidates who are now willing to pursue certification or diploma in digital marketing to obtain jobs as SEO, SEM, Online executive, PPC executive, SNO and content writer. As obtaining a diploma in online marketing mean obtaining better understanding of online marketing on different platforms such as mobile, tablets, desktop, etc. As the area of digital marketing expands, jobs in online industry also are available at end numbers. According to a statistic, nearby 2025 there will be more than 75,000 online jobs will be available.

Since online marketing is prevailing all over the world, aspirants require adapting extensive skills in SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC campaign and should upgrade knowledge as per recent algorithms (which we are going to discuss here in this complete guide digital marketing courses online). Remember, to work beyond offline marketing and be a part of online marketing trends you have to follow Google guidelines to make your audience’s experience valuable. It is thus, very clear that marketing industry has now changed however, to kick start a career in digital marketing field aspirant need to weight around top most User Experience strategies to create brand awareness online.

Unlike old online marketing trends, nowadays businesses are going online and inclining towards creating content plan, web strategies, and online marketing models while implementing SEO strategies to come first in google results. All these areas are covered under Digital marketing online courses that help obtaining knowledge about – how to navigate user through a website, how to do SEO to come in top in Google Results, how to increase sales through SEM strategies and so on. In other words, a Digital marketing certificate can give aspirants an edge over SEO, SEM, and PPC campaigns signals that impacts online visibility and profit revenue.

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What Are The Best Courses You Can Do In Digital Marketing?

When aspirants begin with career in online digital marketing they often ask ‘what kind of job can i get with a marketing degree’. Well, it depends on area of expertise that one has chosen and ability to pace up with the online marketing trends. But to give you an overview of digital marketing trends we have come up with a list of top marketing courses that you can do online. Have a look!

Marketing Foundation Course – These online marketing courses focuses on core subjects that covers all aspect of online and offline convertion. Nowadays, institutes have also started curating programs that covers ‘Major trends in Digital marketing’ to give an edge of e-networking to aspirants. However, it is advisable to analysis program module before enrolling in any course.

Online Marketing Communications Strategies – Communicating effectively is an integral part of marketing career. To, give an edge over communication skills and let candidates overcome communication barriers many institutes in India offers marketing communication courses to give practical training. Duration of these courses can be one year, two year as well as six months.

Digital Public Relations – One of the well-known marketing fields, public relations courses are widely opted by aspirants who are interested in taking initiative for brand awareness. Nowadays, major business models hire PR managers to reach their audiences thus doing PR post-graduation courses, diploma, certificate program is very helpful in stepping ahead in marketing career.

Internet Marketing – No doubts, internet marketing is the next scenario in the digital world. So if you polish your skills in the requisite field you will be surely a step ahead in obtaining good position and salary. Through YouTube videos, online free tutorials and eBooks you can obtain online internet marketing certification like a professional who attended reputed colleges.

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Social Media Marketing – Without social media marketing, online world is nothing. Social media marketing is important to create brand awareness. Be it a news channel or an e-commerce, from creating awareness about goals and aspirations to engaging online audience on social media is an integral part of online marketing. Obtaining hands on training and learning how to do effective social media marketing is a sure gateway to forge ahead towards a fruitful career.

Online Multinational Marketing – If you obtain a degree or certificate in International Business Management you will be create an amazing career prospect for your lifetime. However, there are many skills an aspirant require to obtain rather than just ‘doing the course’. Because in the fast pacing marketing industry one always need to adapt strong analytical skills, reasoning ability, and must be updated as per the recent marketing trends.

Online Marketing Management – Managing different aspects of marketing such as SEO, SEM, Social media, PR, offline marketing etc. is a role of marketing management team. If you wish to be a part of that team make sure you have prior 3-4 years of experience minimum to sustain the challenges of marketing industry. There are many institutes that offers marketing management degree or certificate courses for graduates and post graduates.

E-commerce Product and Brand Management – Demand of product managers and brand management team in E-commerce sector is huge. If you acquire good knowledge and extensive skills in the similar field you will be a step ahead in obtaining long term benefits in the industry. Product management profile plays a crucial role as managers are directly responsible on aspects related to how a product will be visible on website.

Online Consumer Behavior – online marketing courses that focuses on UI designs, User experience, customer service or anything related consumer behavior is beneficial to set targets and achieve them as per pre planned strategies. Learning fundamentals of consumer behavior can give you an opportunity to work with core team and strategy planning teams.

What Is The Eligibility To Work as Online Marketing Manager?

What it is required to work as a professional in online marketing industry is the common question asked by many freshers and by those who seek on typical marketing careers by switching from existing jobs. Well, the kind of job profile an aspirant is likely to work under is hugely affected by many factors such as area of expertise, interest, salary offered, how sustainable you are and so on. There are various online profiles such as online virtual assistant, consultant, executive, social media planner, marketing research executive etc. that aspirants can apply for jobs in digital marketing field.However, all these field require different set of skills. For instance marketing graduates are well positioned as marketing intern in advertising agency and other organization. Similarly, MBA aspirant with experience in marketing field can obtain a position in management. Higher positions can be obtained in an organization with more expertise, experience, skills and knowledge of the chosen field. To pursue a career in digital marketing as a fresher only graduation is required with certain knowledge of the online industry.

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How To Find Best Digital Marketing Courses &Certification Online?

To begin with your search of best digital marketing management courses online, you have to modify your own knowledge and require taking a decision about which field you would like to opt. For instance, if you are good in design, colors, layouts etc. going for multimedia courses is best recommended. Though if you are good with HTML, SQL, PHP languages then going for technical jobs in India by enrolling in IT career is advisable. Always check course structure of digital marketing courses before enrolling in universities or private institutes that offer undergraduate and graduate courses in technical and non-technical field. Aspirants who are keen to build career in online marketing management may consider short term courses that concentrate on business administration in marketing. Choosing programs that offer Internship experience are best to consider as they play a key role in marketing employment. Always go with previous year student’s review about placement, study modules and do your research when finding best online digital marketing courses.

Certification in Digital Marketing Courses Job Description

Generally, digital marketing courses online are broken down into manageable modules which are exercised during the certification program and case study. The introduction part will include general information about digital marketing trends, with an overview of changing trends and techniques. In second module, aspirants will learn about website structure, optimization and usability, this section may include marketing for digital customers, conversion optimization on website designs. Moreover, after this searching engine marketing part is covered. In this module of digital marketing course aspirants can learn Google AdWords, & Bing advertising, what are the benefits of display advertising online, how to run remarketing campaigns, what the fundamentals are of cross device marketing, what is YouTube Advertising.

Besides this, a part of Social Media Marketing (SMM), its effective strategies, paid campaigns on social medial platforms will be introduced. A good digital marketing course includes search engine optimization (SEO) and highlights all important Google Algorithm updates while giving insight about White Hat SEO Strategies. But if you want to pursue advance digital marketing course online then look for a certification program that covers mobile marketing, introduction to mobile marketing, AdWords, affiliate marketing, give you knowledge about best affiliate sites for monetization, Integrating affiliate strategies into your marketing mix campaigns.

To reach online customers, email marketing plays a vital role, in this segment a digital marketing course that covers email design, functionality, email marketing analytics, and teach you about how to run a lead generation for business profit is best recommended to pursue a career in online field. These course also covers most common questions such as how to use web analytics, how to set up google analytics account and understand user data. An advance digital marketing course also covers Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC) and teach you about how creating effective pitch for high value clients is important for online business with tips to run online campaigns.

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Find Top Digital Marketing Schools for Students

If you are unable in finding top marketing courses nearby your locality, don’t worry. There are many online marketing agency blogs that offer free online marketing tutorials and guidelines to students and newbie to let them learn about latest digital marketing trends and become skilled professional. You can check their third party popularity metrics, conversation and engagement rates, twitter and Facebook followers to know how trust worthy such online schools to pursue digital marketing courses. To get popular short list of digital marketing schools, checking their course modules and what these marketing schools are teaching can give you an overview about the digital marketing courses or certification program.

List of Digital Marketing Jobs Description, Duties & Salary

According to Bureau of labor statistics salary that you can get with a marketing degree depends on the kind of industry you are working and number of years of work experience that you demonstrate. However, on an average pursuing career as marketing manager, sales manager, market research analyst you can earn anywhere between 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum. You can go for internship to improve your skills by working in areas such as advertising, brand management, digital marketing, e-mail marketing, international marketing, mobile marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing and so on. There are different roles in digital marketing industry that can enable you to earn in huge numbers. But if don’t like any of above mentioned jobs, perhaps you are stepping backwardly. It is advised to learn newly emerging marketing roles by being aware of the evolution of consumer, media and technology landscapes. All the best for your digital marketing career!

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