Career as Visual Designer Artist – Job, Salary & Courses Info

Career as a Visual Designer ArtistIf you ever wished to become a drawing or sketching expert, then here is the good news for you, visual designer career awaits and allows you to demonstrate creativity to the world. If you have talent to what it takes to be in Art career, then this field can be a fun yet competitive career option.

Though developing real marketable skills is important to stay ahead of the competition in visual artist career. Remember, creative careers are challenging but rewarding as well. So, if you are ready to take a toll on your creativity and can improvise on bunch of other skills, you are all set to go to become successful sketching expert or visual artist.

To plan a visual designer career, you will have to plan your education first. Many creative visual artists are blessed with great drawing or sketching skill however, it is always good to get practical training from visual art schools or colleges and earn at least education bachelor of arts to open career scope for job as visual artists. You can either work individually or can do collaboration with other media people.

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It depends on work experience and fine artist’s skills to decide you can work on which level. Job growth for fine artists depends on exposure and up gradation of skills required for the field. On an average designers and illustrators are hired quite regularly. And if you possess good skills then can earn good median salary in visual art career.

Start career as Drawing expert

Having a diploma in Visual design is a good option to start your career. To polish skills during graduation choosing bachelor of arts in visual arts program can help improving skills in the same discipline. Taking individual courses like three years’ bachelors also teaches student about how to market oneself. Additionally, getting paid or non-paid internship can further help in improvising apprenticeships and can help mentoring more opportunities.

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To start with, explore several avenues and creative options that you can discuss with someone who is senior in this field or probably can ask your career counsellor about visual designer jobs & work scope. Before you begin with the ride, consider your personality and aptitude towards life’s challenges. If choosing an art field, you must analysis your character and talent as well. Having patience and willingness to learn, is essential trait that will help you grow throughout your life. Choosing this field mean you also need to motivate yourself constantly and will require upgrading your skills during downfall phase.

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Working as a freelance visual designer or artist is even more challenging but if you have skills and can market yourself then don’t worry about work. Good and Great artists never lag behind. Be confident and let your work speak for you. But at the same time, you should know everything related to your graphic industry and upcoming trends. Without having prior knowledge about the same you will be left behind. Creativity often need uplift so try exploring other visual designer work portfolio and practice to reach professional level to become apt for commercial purpose.

Job Scope, Salary & Responsibilities as Visual designer

Financial planning is the key to stable a career in this niche. Evaluating job offers and stating off with private projects even if pay is less is advisable to gain hands on experience in the relevant field. The term visual design is a board term. For many companies, it is about animation, multimedia wherein other companies may consider drawing, sketching and other graphic design skills as a skill set of visual designers. However, it is advisable that to gain high paying visual designer job, you should keep upgrading your skills and must learn design software to gain great salary potential for visual artists and uplift career graph.

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Skills Required

Software design, Communication, Business, Marketing, Multimedia, animation skills, Proficiency in Design software, Interpersonal skills

Incorporating with various disciplines including painting, textile and drawing can be an add on specialization though having hands on experience in photography, film, graphic design is always good to flaunt creativity. Learning techniques specific to color, forms and composition of the design will further help in gaining specialization in the chosen field.

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In India, visual artists career and job opportunities are immense and as e-commerce is prevailing everywhere new job opportunities is available for aspirants who gain experience and expertise in digital platform. In comparison to other jobs, salary as visual designer is 60% more than average jobs. The more one can improve skills, more the chances of increased wages. Though hard work, dedication and skills are absolute ladder to take you to reach the peak of visual artist career.

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